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Chiropractic Without the Crunch! Dr. Anderson uses an Impulse instrument or Activator instrument that gently puts your vertebrae back where they belong. If thoughts of Chiropractic have brought up fearful images of twisting, cracking and crunching, rest easy! "I do not use those methods".

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A chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas...

Headaches & Migraines

Over 45 million americans suffer from chronic headache each year. Nearly 1 in 4 households includes someone with migraines...

Overactive Bladder

Frequent urination, especially at night where urgency awakens. It is common, but not normal. Organs should shut down to maintenance mode while sleeping...

Sports / Exercise Injuries

The more commonly injured areas of the body are the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and spine. Many times, the joints are slightly misaligned as a result...

News & Information

From time to time, we like to write informational blogs to help you understand what may be going on with your body and how chiropractic treatment is of value!

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Fight bladder incontinence with a natural overactive bladder treatment
Overactive Bladder

Santa Rosa Chiropractor Offers a Safe, Natural Overactive Bladder Treatment Are you seeking an overactive bladder treatment, perhaps seeking bladder…

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Natural Cures for Fibromyalgia

Looking for Natural Cures for Fibromyalgia Symptoms? Santa Rosa Chiropractor Offers Treatment. If you’re seeking natural cures for Fibromyalgia symptoms,…

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What patients say about Dr. David Anderson

  • I have arthritis in my neck and lower back, with stiffness and a lot of nerve pain. Since coming to Dr. Anderson for adjustments at least once a week, not only does it help my back and neck but I sleep much better, it has helped my digestive system, and not I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to that bathroom. Dr. Anderson is very professional, kind and smart. Ginny at the front desk, is very friendly, comforting and nice. For all these reasons I love to refer, and have referred patients to Dr. Anderson.

  • I had real problems with my lower back. Sometimes it got so bad I could hardly get out of bed. Also there were problems with spastic colon (which I did not think chiropractic could take care of), as well as bleeding and hemorrhoids. When I went to see Dr. Anderson, within two weeks I noticed not having hardly any pain, as well as experiencing no irregularity with my bathroom regime. Now I feel wide awake and sleep so much better without the pain. I feel like I have returned to a more healthy time of my younger years.

  • About one year ago, my hands started tingling. Slowly, over time my hands started keeping me awake at night. It got so bad I could not hold onto things without dropping them…At bed time, I would sleep in the front room in my recliner so my hands wouldn’t throb and keep me awake…Now, after just five weeks of treatment from Dr. Anderson, I had my first pain free sleep in my bed…I am so grateful to Dr. Anderson for helping me. No pain lifestyle is the way to go. Thanks so much.